What are Meta ads and how do they work?

In a world full of Snapchats and TikToks, it is quite easy to forget the OG social media platform. Meta (formally Facebook) has an extensive user base, clocking in figures upwards of three billion. This makes Meta ads one of the most powerful tools to build your brand’s online presence. 

This guide will help you with all the basics of Meta Ads and help you understand how it works. Here is everything you need to know about Meta ads.

What is meant by meta ads?

Meta Ads, or Facebook ads are a powerful marketing solution that can help businesses leverage the massive Meta ecosystem. This includes the billions of active users on both Facebook and Instagram (Instagram was recently acquired by Meta). 

And coupled with extensive audience targeting based on interests, demographics, and support for a wide variety of ad formats, Meta Ads is truly one of the most versatile and potent online marketing solutions for businesses. Quite helpful for those looking to broaden their online reach.

The Meta ad ecosystem of products

To effectively create and manage Meta ad campaigns, Meta offers brilliant dashboards and tools that help you serve ads to the right audience. Two of the most essential tools offered by Meta include 

  • Meta Business Suite: A complete, easy to use dashboard that helps businesses create the perfect ads for their audience.
  • Meta Ads Manager: Complete software suite to offer 360 degree control over targeting choices, A/B testing, as well as dynamic ads.

And then there is the Advantage+ option, which allows quick automation flows to effectively boost campaign flows and save time in the process.

These tools and features make Meta Ads quite the powerful tool in finding and serving ads to your desired customer base.

How do Meta ads work?

Meta Ads allows you to deliver personalized and relevant ads to your users to boost engagement and convert sales. From basic text based ads to more creative videos or picture carousels, marketers have the complete freedom to create compelling ads that sell. But how does it work?

When you launch a Meta ad campaign, your advertisement goes live on all major Meta platforms. This includes Facebook and Instagram. And with the freedom to choose where you want your ads to be placed, you ensure that you grab valuable screen real estate when users are out browsing on these platforms. Add in features like CTA buttons, maps, and more, Meta Ads help drive better business results.

What is the cost of Meta Ads?

This point can be very much debatable since the cost of placing ads with Meta can be based on several different factors. Here is what you need to know about the factors that affect the cost of Meta Ads.


One of the key factors driving the cost of Meta Ads is the demographics of the audience you wish to target. Targeting users from first world nations like the UK, US, or major EU countries? The cost will be significantly higher when compared to targeting an audience from other developing nations.

Target scope

The next driving factor for the cost of Meta ads is the targeting scope. If you are willing to target a broader audience base, the cost will be less. On the other hand, if you need to be super specific about the audience niche, the cost of running Meta ads will significantly go up.


The next factor affecting the cost of Meta ads is when you decide to run them. Ad runs during holiday seasons and weekends typically tend to be much more expensive than running them on other days.

Apart from these, other factors like ad placement spaces, time of day, and plenty more add up to the overall cost of running your Meta ad campaign.

How to use Meta Ads?

Creating and launching a Meta ad campaign is just a few clicks clicks away. You will only need the Meta Business Suite and a business page for your business. A smart and easy to use interface makes targeting audience, setting up ads, and launching them a complete breeze. Plus, the Advantage+ option uses powerful algorithms to suggest the best recommendations to maximize the effectiveness and reach of your campaigns.

Why choose Meta Ads?

Over the plethora of advertisement options to choose from online, what makes Meta ads such an allure? Here is why

Exceptional userbase

Everyone we know is on Facebook or Instagram. It is an undebatable fact at this point. With billions of active daily users, Meta is the perfect platform to find every type of audience. No matter if you sell perfumes or software, there’s an audience for you on Meta’s platforms.


A single backend allows full access to major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and even WhatsApp. A strong portfolio of established goliaths of the industry helps Meta offer a strong ecosystem of products that offer unbeatable value for businesses.

Easy setup

With easy-to-use interfaces and a whole host of community support, launching your ad campaigns has never been this easy. Plus, the introduction of dynamic ads makes the complete ad creation process automated with just a click of a button.

With all these perks to go along, Meta ads do make a compelling case for choosing it.

Meta, with its iconic platforms in the form of Facebook and Instagram, has been able to capture almost the entire social media space with its humungous user base. And while newer platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and more trying to grab market share, Meta is still the flagbearer of the social media race.

And if your business wants to thrive in the online space, leveraging Meta ads would be a very sensible way forward. With quick and easy online marketing solutions at very affordable prices, Meta ads are truly the stage to reach out to a global audience. Reach the online heights your business deserves with Meta ads and its powerful advertising solutions.

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